About Us: Welcome to Jambo Kenya Women Group. The group is based in the Kenyan City- on -the- Equator Nanyuki in the Laikipia County. The group is composed of talented, innovative and hard working women under the guidance of “Nyaatha, ” the merciful and caring mother who feeds and clothes orphans, street children and the elderly. Jambo Kenya Women Group has, in a short time, transformed itself from a simple self-help group working to uplift vulnerable members of the population into a social enterprise that hand crafts and makes high –end artistic and eco- friendly items. This group of talented women now manufacture: Amber beads for making jewellery, buy raw wool, wash , treat and produce hand woven rugs and carpets, sweaters, towels, dolls, blankets, wall hangings, bead saddles, belts, dog and cat collars and make sisal and leather works, tie and dye and resin fiber creations. The women now even carry out the manufacture of liquid detergents and bar soap. Jambo Kenya Women Group continues to impact on the lives of many widows and other disadvantaged women by carrying out training in various fields so that they may be able to create and support their livelihoods We sell our products locally-within the county ,nationally-in other Kenyan Counties and in the East African region. We cordially invite our customers to visit our shop which is situated along the Nanyuki – Meru Highway, near the Nanyuki Police Station. In this venture we have established close working relationships with the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF), the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), the Export Promotion Council, AR WEP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

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